Tre is an adaptable laptop-holder design for a Contest


Tre is an adaptable laptop-holder with a dynamic design, fully customized and double functioned. Thanks to its shape, it can be used anytime as pc-holder on sofa or bed, or as storage (magazines, books, pc, tablet) if you add the optional bag. Tre is made of a main body with three wooden legs and an optional bag made in boiled-wool fabric. When Tre is not used as laptop-carrier, it becomes part of the room's furnishing, because if it is rotated of 90° on its front legs, it becomes a storage bag. It has been designed in Sprucewood since it is typical of the local area in Trentino, but the essence can be customized and parts can also be lacquered to satisfy every need and fancy. At the same time, also the boiled-wool fabric bag can be customized in colors and accessories. Due to its material elements, wool and boiled-wool fabric, this product is easily made by a couple of nearby factories because it doesn't need difficult manufactoring, thus allowing 0 km production in terms of both material availability and the productive process.